Como funciona – English

How does it work?

In 4 easy steps you can be enjoying a menu you won’t forget.

Select your box

Select the box you like the most among all the ones we offer you.

Choose a date

Tell us which day you would like to receive it at your home or at the home of whoever you want.


Follow the instructions to finish the elaborations.


Enjoy your menu with whoever you want.


Our boxes are super easy to prepare, you will see that there are simple instructions to follow.

Before opening our NOEL BOX we will find two codes on the top lid which, by scanning them with our mobile phone, we will be able to follow the instructions of our chef in Augmented Reality, who will explain how to open the box and what we will find inside it. 

Once opened, we discover that the box is completely sectioned and that each compartment is a dish to be prepared. Each dish has a QR code which will take us to the preparation video, explained in a simple and quick way by our chef.

Inside you will find everything you need to become a great chef and make a dinner or lunch for two people in an amazingly simple way in just 15 minutes and with Top Chef results. 

All our boxes are made up of a first starter, second starter, main course, dessert and a bottle of signature wine. You will only need a microwave to prepare them.

asked questions

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer them.

Four days from the day you receive it.

In the fridge, between 4ºC and 6ºC.

Para dos personas.

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